Question about wearing the day bag

  1. I have one very specific question about the day bag and how it can be worn: does it only go over the shoulder like a nomal handbag or can you carry it with the straps across your chest like a messenger bag? In mean in diagonal? Do I make sense?

    I am very tall, but a have a Small sized chest (I did not say I was flat chested! :biggrin:)
  2. I don't think you can wear it diagonal- I don't think the strap is long enough. Did you want to wear it that way?
  3. I would not be able to wear the day bag across my chest. I believe the courrier is worn that way.
  4. ^^^ agree!
  5. nope, but you could always get the courier instead for that :yes:
  6. Thank you Ladies!

    I need something easy to throw on in which I can fit a small laptop, or magazines, or the book I am reading. This is to be worn in Fall/ Winter with a classical Burberry Mac/trench coat and I needs to fit in a work environment. i was thinking Grenat or chocolate. Maybe the courier.

    Anyway, 1000 thanks for your reactions! :flowers:
  7. yeppers, if you wanna fit a laptop, you'll need the courier!!!
  8. I believe there is a men's messenger, which is like the body of a day bag but with a longer strap.
  9. yeah- i'd recommend the messenger or courier for your needs! the day def. fits a small laptop and a lot of stuff, but it cant be worn off the shoulder really.
  10. I don't think a daybag goes with a Burberry trench. Two different looks.
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