Question about WEAR and TEAR on B-Bags!?!?!

  1. Hey guys Quick Question. About wear on a Bbag. Is it normal to recieve wear on the leather strap on the bottom left and right hand corners on the bag.

    This picture was from another post I hope the OP doesn't mind. But right in the middle of the leather piece (where the decorative buckle is) is it normal for the leather in that area to wear quickly?
  2. I have found that the center of the leather buckle, where it bulges out, has a tendency to attract dirt. However, you can clean it easily.
  3. ^ How do you clean it?...all of my bags with buckle-rub don't look like they will clean up but more like a patina of the leather.

    And yes, those places as well as corners, handles and backsides can get more wear...but it all depends on how you carry them. It's really easy to lift the edges of the detailing and make apparent wear.
  4. I have used Apple Guard to lift dirt off buckles before. Some people swear by Lovin My Bags too.
  5. ^ Do you mean Apple Leather Care or the AppleGarde Spray?
  6. Apple Guard Leather Cleaner. I received it in a kit, along with Apple Guard Leather Care.
  7. My bag has darker marks where the pin of the buckle is underneath the leather strap... I think those marks are enevitable as the leather is sitting on top of metal??

    It doesnt look too bad currently, so I'll see how she goes!
  8. sure, especially when it's rubbed against jeans....happens to mine too :sad:
  9. Ok thanks guys! :smile:
  10. I have found the handles go very dark and the paint glue stuff around the top edges of the bag chip off and the tassells split:sad: