Question about watch prices

  1. I'm not that familiar with H watches except for the Kelly watch, which runs around 1795+ (??) for regular leather with PH. Now ... is a H watch with diamonds considered a reasonable price at $3500?

    I'm not a diamond person, and I'd love it if they don't make it in diamonds. But the one I'm looking for right now I can only find it with diamonds and they're pricing it at that range ... I just love the style, but I can do without the rocks ...

    And yes if I get the watch I'll post it here, if not then I won't. ^^

    Oh and the reason I'm even considering getting something this extravagant in spite of my current rockbottom situation is that I still have a huge chunk of store credit and it doesn't look like they'll be able to get my bag this year ... I mean, should make use of the money somehow
  2. Why don't you ask your store if they have that particular watch without the bling?

    They usually have two versions of each. One blingy and one none.
  3. I did. And they told me that for that style of watches, they now only come in the diamonds style.
  4. I looked at one at NM ( with diamonds, the med H one). It was $6500
  5. Thanks Rose. I guess in this case, 3500 isn't too bad then. I do need a dressy watch after all ... Hm ...
  6. Kou, I had a credit too and funnily enough, a kelly clutch is just about 3,000!