Question about wallets


Jun 17, 2006
This is my first LV post and purchase. I have put on my Christmas wish list a wallet from LV. I have a couple of questions and who better to ask than all of you! I thought I would come to the real source, the people who own, use and love rather than ask at a boutique. I am very unfamiliar with LV so if my description is bad, please excuse. I was thinking of getting one of the smaller wallets as I do not need one with room for a check book. I am partial to the Porteteville Koala Damier. The thing I love the most about it is the way the part where you put your bills has a large opening (kind of a flap that is unattached at one end) and you don't have to try and squish them into a slot that is too small. I guess my question is, does anyone have/had this style of wallet and how do you like or dislike it? Does it have room for everything you need? Would you go with the Damier style or the Monogram? I just love the way the Koala style opening is larger on these wallets and it seems very functional. Also, is this style the only one with that kind of "flap" opening inside of it, or do any of the bigger ones have it also? Thanks in advance for any advice or help I might get! Happy Holidays!
Have you considered getting an agenda? It can double as a wallet and you don't have to purchase the pricey inserts from lv. You can get lots of cute stuff from filofax that fits in it perfectly. I have the Damier koala agenda and I use it so much more than my lv wallet. It has 3 credit card slots in it already, but you can buy inserts from filofax to hold more. Plus, you can get pretty note paper from them, too, that will fit the rings in the agenda so you always have something to write on in your wallet. Usually agendas cost less than the wallets, too. And you can choose from epi leather, mono, damier, suhali, etc. to get some color options. Just an idea you may want to consider.
Hi, and welcome! :flowers:
I have the Damier Koala and love it. I completely agree with you, there is nothing that aggravates me more than not being able to get my bills in easily.
The Koala bills flap does open wide enough that it's easier and more user friendly than in similar styled wallets. I also like the ample credit card slots in this wallet, but it never looks too bulky.
I think the Mono version is lovely too!
Good luck!
I debated the same thing for a long while and went with a 'continental' style prada wallet since it has long pockets that aren't really dedicated to carrying a checkbook (but can) and for my LV fix I got a Monogram Koala PM agenda. It comes with several credit card slots, is just long enough to put bills in if you don't like folding your money, and I just love the pink lining!
Carry what suits your needs, that's all that matters. If you tend to carry alot of papers and cards go for a larger wallet. I usually have 3 or 4 cards and maybe a few bills, so an agenda is a great way to keep track of all my doctor's appointments, family functions, future playdates and carry my few necessities.
Welcome to the forum..Unfortunately I can not help you in the wallet dept as I too am trying to figure out whether I go small or large...or even try another brand like coach or gucci where the wallets aren't too pricey....
good luck!