Question about Wallets and Mini Skinnies?? Please explain!

  1. I have had so much fun looking at everyone's collections. It is almost like I can shop vicariously through your purchases :smile: Anyway, I noticed many people have multiple wallets and mini skinnies. I was wondering if you are always taking out your contents of your wallet/mini skinny depending upon the bag you are carrying? Right now I only use one wallet (not a coach) that is dumped into the current purse I am carrying at the time. Just wanted to understand why people buy multiples as maybe then I will convince myself I need some of these wallets and mini skinnies too.
  2. I have 2 medium skinnies. They were to match different bags, but I goofed on that because I have hazel and mahogany, but no black. I know nobody can see the inside of my bag, but I really want a black (or non-brown-shade) one for my black bag.
  3. I have a wristlet and a wallet. I don't switch these, I just find it easier to transfer from bag to bag when everything is compartmentalized. Now, I'm tempted to buy a wallet to match each bag, but I need to have money to put into my wallet at the end of the day, KWIM? ;)
  4. I have 3 wristlets and one mini skinny. I use them as my just depends on what season it is/what bag i'm using.
  5. I have a large wallet for my larger bags (Heritage Stripe zip-around) and a smaller compact clutch wallet (Bleecker) for my smaller bags, as well as a pink/orange Legacy french purse for summertime.

    I don't find I have a need for skinnies, and I have only one wristlet that I use for receipts. I did just buy a round coin purse, although I have no need for a separate coin purse. It was just so darn cute I had to have it!
  6. I have several wristlets which match different bags. I transfer the contents. It's easy, as I made a plastic pocket out of a sandwich size zip lock bag (cut the top off) that holds everything (cards, cash, keys) neatly. It can't be seen, it's easy to get things in and out, and keeps the lining looking new. I thought of it after reading a post on how cash gets the lining dirty :yucky:

    If I have lip gloss or eye drops, I put those in a little sealable zip lock. I'm not constantly reaching for them, so it's not a pain, and I won't have any messy spills to ruin my lovely Coach.
  7. very clever! You guys sound much more organized than I do - my wallet sometimes seems like the one George from Seinfeld was carrying - love that episode. Maybe I can get organized and then do the multiple wallet thing.
  8. well....I am completely obsessive about matching so I have a few wallets (okay, a bunch of wallets) and three or four minis that match almost everything I have. The wallets are for the main stuff (ID, Cash, CC, etc), and the minis hold all the "extra" cards: AAA, Starbucks, Store Rewards, etc.

    I swear I inherited this gene from my gramma, who ALWAYS had a wallet/bag/shoes that matched.

    I wish I could just have one generic wallet for all my bags, but sadly, I can't. :shrugs:
  9. I have three wallets, three wristlets, two mini skinnys and two skinny cosmetic cases. They are all black! LOL! The three wallets are different sizes, as are the wristlets. I have all different size bags and I really only switch up the wallets when I need to to accommodate a specific bag. A lot of people carry wristlets in their bags but I only use them as a small purse when I am going somewhere (sporting events, parties, etc.) when I don't want to carry a big purse.
  10. I admit I have a "matching" obsession. I have to have a matching wallet and wristlet with every bag, and I love it when some can overlap with multiple bags (since it gets so darned expensive). I do change my wallets/wristlets to match my bag, even if I'm carrying the bag for only one day. DH always laughs at me for packing/unpacking bags and wristlets all the time...:shrugs:
  11. I have several mini skinnies and they match my bags. I use my mini for my paper cash and my credit card, debit card and license. It's an easy swap when I switch bags. I have a dooney & bourke multi function zip around in black that has all my other cards (discount cards, insurance cards, member cards, store credit cards) that gets swapped from one bag to another. I don't use these things as often and I have too many of them and they tend to make a wallet too bulky for my liking.