Question about wallet size?

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  1. I have the MC french purse and I hate how when I actually have the wallet full (4 cc, cards (i.e ins. card, few business cards, stamps) in the coin purse area, and $$$ in the bills part) the wallet gets so BIG and thick KWIM. I really don't carry around a lot of stuff in my wallet. I was wondering if the other wallets in the MC line such as the zippy, koala or alexandra would get big and thick carrying around the items I listed above?

    Sorry if you are confused I tried to explain the best I could...I hope some one can help as I do not want to order all these wallets at once! (I don't live near a store)
  2. Perhaps the Zippy Wallet would work for you...or even the Zippy Organizer although it's a little holds allot. :yes:
  3. I have the same issue with the FP. In fact, it's soo uneven in terms of bulkiness.

    I'd also say try a zippy because it can't get too bulky. Otherwise you won't be able to zip it closed. I'm considering one myself.
  4. I think the Zippy would be best... or even a Pochette... the Pochette is my favorite. I have one and LOVE it!
  5. The FP is my favorite LV wallet. Mine doesn't get bulky. Guess I don't carry much in it.
  6. I had the same problem with the Alexandra. I love the French purse and Alexandra style but they are so thick and bulky when you just add a few items. I love the Pochette style!
  7. I would also recommend the pochette. It can carry a lot of things without getting too big.
    I love the Alexandra and I almost bought it myself. But I'm glad I didn't. I was having trouble deciding between the pochette and Alexandra, when I was at the LV store. But the Alexandra already looked quite big when it was empty, so that's why I went for the pochette. I have a friend who has the Alexandra and it's a great looking wallet and it can store a lot of cards. But, to me, it does look bulky when all the cc slots are used. So if that bothers you, I wouldn't recommend the pochette.

    I think out of the three wallets you mentioned, the zippy is the best one to avoid that problem.
  8. I have a zippy, and I also think I carry a bit more than you do, and it never gets too thick. Try that!
  9. I agree 100% ^^ I want to check out the Alexandra too though or maybe even the new quilted one.
  10. I had a white MC french purse wallet and had the exact same problems. I sold it and ended up getting a zippy wallet. I especially like how it can hold a lot, but never gets bulky. I love it so much that I now have 3 versions...Mono zippy, black MC zippy, and black MC zippy coin.
  11. i love the fp, but second in line is the pochette wallet.