question about wallet repair

  1. Hi everyone, I've used the search function but I dont think I have my answers yet. I bought a damier pochette wallet in July and now the glazing on the sides has kinda split. It's not a huge split but you can pretty much see it. I've read that lv does 2 year warranty? does that apply for wallets or just bags? how much do they charge for that? because if its under warranty, shouldn't it be free? thanks a bunch!
  2. if you take it into the store i would think theyd have it reglazed for you, you havent had it that long.
  3. Yeah..they should do it for you. If it's just the glazing it'll be able to be fixed. :yes:
  4. I think they'll do it gratius if its still under warranty. But it can take awhile to get back.
  5. I'm pretty sure that'll be fine. :yes:
  6. Take it to the store asap! They should fix it for you for free. Take your receipt with you!
  7. My mono pochette wallet's glazing peeled after 2 months. I took it back and they sent it in to be re-galzed. It took about 3 weeks and was done free of charge. She's as good as new now!
  8. thanks everyone! i took it back but they're charging me 34 dollars to have it reglazed...I emailed too and they said they dont have a warranty?!? so i'm confused...I dont have my receipt anymore because i didn't think it would be like im thinking if its just a normal wear and tear that this happened and i just should pay up? but 3 months is kinda short for normal wear & tear tho:sad:
  9. ^^^I am very shocked that they are charging you. Are you in the LV system so that it shows a listing of what you bought and when?
  10. yeah i am but they didnt even check the system....i was dealing with a different SA as the SA i normally deal with is off that day...maybe i'll go back and ask once my SA is actually working and ask for a follow up/re-quote :smile:
  11. Definitely! Good luck!
  12. You shouldn't leave it this way, they shouldn't charge you anything! It's not like the LV wallets are that cheap that you could expect some wear after a few months of use.
    Keep us updated :smile: