Question about wait lists

  1. I called LV this morning & put my name on the wait list for the silver speedy. When I put my name down for the cerise speedy last year I seem to remeber having to give them a credit card number to hold it - this time I asked the SA and she said a credit card number was not necessary. For those of you who put your name down for the Miroir bags, did you have to give a credit card number? I guess I just want to be sure that they call me when the bag comes in because I really want it LOL! Thanks!
  2. I had to put my c/c info down when i was on the wait list for the denim line when it first came out.
  3. When I called for the silver miroir speedy, they took cc info. from me but when I called for the damier azur speedy they didn't.
  4. If they already have your CC #. they won't ask you again for it..
  5. That's probably what it is because she updated my address while I was on the phone with her so they must still have my cc for the last time on file I guess...I asked if I needed to give them a cc number and she said it was not necessary so I got worried. Thank you!
  6. They took my name but my SA told me that the miroir line is a seasonal line but not limited, just as the perfo line. So basically she said that it will be no waitlist for the miroir line.
  7. Oh ok, so that's why then, it's not really a wait list they just put me on a contact list to give me a call when it comes in then. She told me that there were a few people ahead of me on the wait list, which is why I thought that was what it was. Thanks!
  8. Hmmm...but they took my cc info. for the miroir line? :shrugs:
  9. This may be a dumb question, but does "seasonal, but limited" mean they will continue to produce more of the line that season(meaning, there won't be a set # of items made in that line--they will continue to replenish dwindling stock until the season's end) ?
  10. See that is why I am worried! I think I'll have to go to the store & make sure I'm on the list unless it is because they have my cc card info on file from last year. Maybe it depends on the store? I don't know, I just want to be sure that I get the bag because I'm starting to become obsessed with it!
  11. This line will be just like the perforation line, seasonal but not limited like the fringe colllection.
  12. When my SA filled out a form for the silver speedy for me she took an imprint of my CC with it.:yes: They usually charge my bags as soon as they come in and leave them in the back (if I am out of town and if they are unable to reach me).
  13. Same here..I have my CC on file with them and so does my mom.
    Lol unfortunately for us, either of us have yet to put our name down for a bag and NOT buy it. So they charge them right when they come in :lol:
  14. ^^ Yes that sounds more like LV boutique.. they have a wait list, but if they call you and u didnt answer or ur phone switched off, they will move on.. and if the mirror line is seasonal it means its limited.. ??
  15. Can someone tell me what happens if I dont go for the item´I was written on the list?

    For example I want to write me in the list for 2 cles the damier azur and the groom ones, but what if I dont have money to pick them up or I don´t want one when I see them IRL? I want those ones but I´m not sure of how much money I´ll get for xmas (I guess the will be out in those days right?)