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  1. Can anyone tell me why (USA) doesn't have prices listed? THANKS!!
  2. If I'm not mistaken it is because as of right now the website doesn't sell any bags and forwards you to elux. However, sometime in July that is supposed to change!
  3. probably because the prices keep changing due to the dollar to euro conversion?

  4. ahhh what's supposed to change? that they're going to start showing prices or that will sell to USA other than just elux????
  5. i don't think so...prices are set as far as euros and dollars go. until there is a nation-wide price increase, that is the only time the price of the bag should change in either country. as posted in euros on the UK site, it should be posted in dollars on the US site. i don't think the conversion will matter as the bag prices don't change.
  6. is supposed to start selling!!!
  7. ^That is very true! It's been a long campaign!

  8. last time I checked the UK have pounds sterling still :yes:
  9. thanks for the help guys - you're the best!!!!
  10. i think it doesnt show prices because you cant buy online from them. you have elux for now, it might change when start selling in the US.

  11. Twiggs, you are correct, or at least this is what I have been told. Hopefully this campaign will be off the ground soon!
  12. .......LOL and all this time I thought it was because of sticker shock !!!!!!