Question About Vuitton.Com

  1. The catalogue in the official website.. Does it include ALL the LV bags ever made, ALL the LV key rings, ALL the LV scarves, etc? Or are there more items not listed on the site?
  2. Only the items that are current.
  3. Items or colors that are out of season arent on there.
  4. ^Agreed.
  5. BUT NOT ALL!!
  6. Not everything they produce is listed there are often many many things left off
  7. They have a majority of their current collection on the website. There are many pieces that are available in select stores that are not placed online for viewing. :smile:
  8. I forgot to add...sometimes the list "hints" that certain items are discontinued (i.e. damier azur's not listed, anymore :sad:...I really hope I'm wrong!).
  9. ^ me too
  10. Why is the azur noe not available anymore? That was such a nice bag!
  11. ^^ It should still be available but it's probably in low supply right now since it's spring/summer. If you call a Vuitton store near you, you should be able to locate one.
    All the info I've ever seen about the Azur line stated that all the pieces would be permanent.
  12. I thought it was permanent? Is it discontinued? Such a shame
  13. That's what I thought too but it has gone from the website, it used to be there but not anymore :crybaby:
  14. I mean the price sheets from when the line was going to come out, it never said anything about it being LE. Besides, the Noe is permanent in all other collections, I don't see why they'd make it LE in the Azur. :shrugs:

  15. I agree!
    i love my speedy azur, but the Noé was the IT bag in the azur line, just too gorgeous to be discontinued:sad: