Question about Vuitton and shoe repair

  1. My dogs just developed a taste for Vuitton last night :censor: and chewed on a pair of espadrilles I bought this summer. They have a vachetta trim and bow and although one "only" has teethmarks the other lost half a bow as well. Anyone have any experience with Vuitton shoe repair?
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  2. :wtf: OH no ..I am sorry about your shoes. I don;t have experience with shoes repairing for LV. I think you should give your SA a call
  3. Thanks bags, but I live in Iceland and Vuitton doesn't have a store here.
  4. OH NO!!!*shocked* Poor bow!
  5. Oh no..I'd try calling the number just to see if anything can be done. Otherwise, I don't know about that. When I was about 5, we had just gotten our dog (a Bichon Frise who has since passed away), and was into chewing on things. My mom had a pair of Gucci sandals she loved but let him chew them anyway and she didn't realize exactly how much damage he'd done and by then, they were beyond repair.

    Anyway I don't really know why it would be such a big deal on's just the vachetta that's damaged. So I'd just try calling the Vuitton hotline.
  6. I don't know what got into them, they are not puppies and they have never shown any interest in chewing anything ohter then their own chewtoys. Well at least they have expensive taste :lol:

    Anyway, I wrote customer service and I can ship them out to my nearest store and get an estimate on the damage etc.
  7. Omg
  8. I am sure they can replace it. Just go to your lv store, show them your shoes and they will send them to their repare center in california. They might ask you maybe $20 to replace the bow.
  9. Uhm this is an old thread but my shoes are currently packed in a box waiting to be shipped to Denmark for repair, closest store is a 3 hour planeride away :censor: