Question about Visa/MC

  1. I was looking (with disgust) at one of those "designer imposter" bag websites this morning, and noticed that the site proudly accepts Visa and MC. So, I started wondering whether the US Government can punish the credit card companies for helping to fund illegal counterfeiting. Why should Visa and MC make a profit from the interchange fees that they charge vendors who are openly breaking the law? If anyone can share some insight into this, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. That's a really good question. However, I think that it is nearly impossible for MC/Visa to confirm every purchase made by a card. Merchants have merchant codes assigned (that's why the gov't and Visa/MC were able to block online gambling from the cards) but I'm sure these boutiques use the same code as every other boutique. For an unsuspecting buyer, using their Visa or MC on that kind of site would protect them; if the merchandise turns out to be fake, then they can file a complaint with their cc company. I don't know how many complaints would be needed for someone to investigate and/or shut a company down?