Question about Violet City

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  1. Aloha Ladies. Can any of you tell me if the violet City is available in the US with the brass hardware? I want to buy one NOW, but can't seem to locate one. I called Balenciaga NY and they said that they are not available yet... But, I've seen a lot of you with pics posted of the violet with brass. Did you get them in Europe? Thanks...
  2. yes. it's available in the US bec. I purchased one from NM Troy Michigan. Also, I just spoke with Barneys Dallas and they said they have the Violet City with RH in stock. good luck finding it!:smile:
  3. I think Aloha Rag sold out, but why don't you call them at 808.589.2050, and ask them what available. I do know that they will be getting more (if not already) shipment for City Violet with Regular Hardware. Check with them if they still have the Violet City in Giant hardware or will getting more. The giant hardware they have in silver color. Try also contacting Barneys Dallas, I have a great SA there, her name is Liza and her email and phone 469.221.4722 (tell her that Mia sent you). Good luck and post pics when you get it.
  4. I just called Dallas Barney and they said they only have the GH in violet???
  5. Thank you so much for all the info. I am going to be making a few phone calls... LOL... I am determined to have a bag in the mail by the end of the weekend.
  6. Is the brass hardware the RH?
  7. Yes.. the brass is the RH. I took y'all's advice and called Barneys Dallas. I wasn't able to speak to Liza because she was on lunch. I spoke to Greg... and.. drumroll please.... my violet city is on its way. I ended up getting the SGH. I am so excited!!!!! I'll post a picture when it arrives. Thank you all so much for your help. Now I can enjoy my weekend without bag stress. :happydance:
  8. I love Greg too!
  9. ^yes (I think so if you don't mean gold gh)
  10. Wow, great- Thanks for answer to my question too!