Question about vintage maxi bags


Feb 14, 2010
Hi everyone,

I've been considering getting a vintage Maxi in lambskin with GHW. A lot of the pics I see of vintage bags show that the bags have this horizontal wrinkly crease across the flap part and sometimes another crease closer to the base. Apparently this is considered "normal" for the older bags.

For those of you have the older bags - did your bag develop creases over time? If so, does this bother you? Is there anyway to prevent this from happening to the bags?

Thanks for your help


Aug 20, 2011
I think it's normal for any bag that's been well used and/or not properly stored, not just vintage pieces, though vintage pieces are older and more exposed to usage/time, so you'll see those flaws more among these bags.
One of the things you can you to prevent creases/sagging is to store your bag stuffed and the laying down. I have a vintage Jumbo, but it's in perfect condition. I take good care of it, 'cause I can't stand the sagging look :smile: