Question about vintage Dior

  1. I recently inherited the following Dior items from a great aunt, and I was wondering if there is any way to 'date' these pieces (or at least be able to tell what decade they are from?)
    Only one of the pieces looks like it has ever been used...all the others still had price tags inside from 'Lord & Taylor'. The large wallet had a price tag for $33USD!!
    If anyone has any info that would be great!! Thanks!
    dior 001.jpg dior 002.jpg
  2. Here are some pics of the price tags and labels I found inside!! I couldn't believe that these gorgeous pieces have been sitting in boxes (original, of course) for decades!! I almost feel guilty for carrying them around now!
    dior2 001.jpg dior2 002.jpg
  3. WHOA! Your great aunt had so many Dior tapestry clutches and pouches, and she kept the price tags!!!

    I don't know exactly when these were made but I think they were from the 70s or early 80s. Does anyone else know?