Question about vernis

  1. Is it me or is Vuitton taking a long time in bringing out the new vernis colors. Does anyone have a rough idea when the new colors are coming out and what they'll be :shrugs: . I really want something in Framboise, but I would like to know if there is something better coming out in the next few months. Like that, I can wait.
  2. It does seem like a long time to me too....especially with rumors going about that fraimbose and red were about to be discountinued....but my SA said the computer still shows those to in who knows.
  3. My SA told me last November that red vernis was being discontinued so of course I snatched up the "last" cles that would be available in that store. Funny that I still saw them around and on Eluxury months later. :shame:
  4. there has been a few threads about this one info so far is that red and framboise are discontinued my SA (who is store manager confirmed).
    And another tpfer said that the new colour will be "candy apple red" and there are going to be some pieces for Valentines so I guess that it will sometime early next year (if not earlier)
  5. I know, I had one SA confirm discountinued, but then another, just last week even showed me status on computer...said 'current' I tend to believe the computer...I think since vernis does rotate so much, it is easy to say...yes will be discountinued, because they will....they just might not be right at that
  6. Oh I'll be sad if they discontinue Framboise before I can get my hands on one...but the "candy apple red" sounds interesting too :smile: Just wish they can do color swatches like Balenciaga so we can plan ahead...
  7. The candy apple red being one of the new colours confuses me since I think that the current red is pretty much candy apple colour.. I would love them to bring out something like the old purple again :smile:
  8. I asked about the Perle when I bought and my SA said that they were beginning to see less and less of it coming in, maybe they just phase out... then dis....
  9. well, if the "computer says NO..." (<-it's a legendary line from an english show "Little Britain", I couldn't resist...)
    I guess it's right.
  10. I would love vernis in a dark green, cranberry or black!:love:
  11. I agree - they will bring out the new colour around Valentines day, especially if its a red/pink. I'm sure the framboise was launched here around Valentines day when it first come out.
  12. I know!! I really hate the who mystery thing LV has going on...its not as if I can afford both colors.
  13. My local LV boutique has no more framboise agenda. :sad: Do you think it's possible that they'll get any new stocks coming in soon?
  14. Call and ask them. :yes: