question about vernis ludlow

  1. i was wondering where could i find the date code on my vernis ludlow?
  2. See this thread for some tips:

    I just purchased one and still couldn't find a date code though! I'm actually going to exchange mine, not because of the date code, but because the alignment of the symbols is slightly off and now that I've noticed it I know it will bother me forever...LOL. The one I have right now is pomme. Let me know if you find a date code and what color yours is.
  3. mine is fuschia.

    i still cant find the date code....

    its been bothering me since i first got it but i dont want to get rid of it because i love the color so much
  4. In the pocket where the license is....
    100_1098.jpg 100_1097.jpg
  5. :tup::tup::tup:

    FINALLY i found my date code!!!!!!

    thank yoU!
  6. You're welcome...glad to help!!