Question about Vernis line

  1. Hey everyone...I currently do not own anything from the Vernis line. I keep hearing about "color transfer". This is probably a stupid question....but what exactly does that mean? The color of the purse or inside rubbing off on other stuff or the other way around? Sorry if this question is dumb. One more question....does this line tend to scratch or get dirty easier than the other lines? Thanks.:smile:
  2. It's when other things rub off on the piece. For example, if you place the piece on newspaper or something else that's printed (especially if it's damp as well), the piece can end up taking on the print of the item.
    It can also mean when a piece takes on the color of the lining of a bag. My mom has a Peppermint PTI and from keeping it in a couple of her bags with the raspberry alcantara lining, the edges are a brownish color and the overall look of the wallet isn't as bright as it was when it was new.
  3. Yea and there isn't really anything you can do about color transfer. You just have to be a little careful where you place the item (don't rub it on your jeans, sit it on newspaper or something dyed that is wet, or in the sun to long).
  4. Thank you for clearing that up...I've been eyeing a bag in this line. I'm still not too sure though. You guys are always so great with answering these questions.:smile:
  5. If you're unsure, you should probably get something in the new red (Pomme d'Amour), Framboise or one of the older colors, Indigo or Bronze. They're really good and wouldn't show as many marks. They're really gorgeous too :yes:
  6. I was actually thinking about silver (don't know is LV gave it a fancy name) bag that I saw on eBay....I'll have to think about it some more.
  7. Lol I think it was just Silver. :smile:
    That might not be too bad of a color..the only thing I've heard about the silver is that the parts where the glue is can yellow a bit. As far as I know, it's limited only to the silver so far.
    But if it's the Houston you're thinking about, that might actually not be bad. :yes:
  8. Thanks again for all of your helpful advice!:smile:
  9. You're welcome! I think you'll really like the vernis's fun :smile:
  10. I've ruined quite a few Vernis pieces:crybaby:Bronze is the only one that has been safe in my hands.
  11. I guess vernis wallet will not be my choice.. I still love Frambroise Koala & French purse, though.
  12. Oh are you talking about the silver vernis Houston on eBay?? I saw it on there, it's gorgeous, love it.:graucho: