Question about Vernis French Purse Wallet in Amarante

  1. Do they only come with 4 credit card slots or they also have it with 5 credit card slots & 3 extra card slots on the right? The one on the US LV web site looks differently from other countries. I'm confused. :s
  2. I think the newest ones have 8 c/c slots, 5 on one side. Not 100% positive about the vernis but the mono is that way...

    LOL just found a pic for you...
    lv2 new.JPG
  3. I have this wallet and yes, the new vernis French purse (amarante, and new versions of pomme and perle) have the 5 CCs on the left and 3 on the right. The new versions of the mono and damier as well as the Azur FP all have the same style.

    In amarante vernis, it ONLY comes with 8 CC slots.