Question About Vernis Bronze!!!!!

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  1. Hi guys, last night on the way back from a charity gala we were talking about the silent auction pieces, and one was a monogram speedy, we started talking about LV and I mentioned her clutch was made out of the same looking material as a line called the vernis line, and she said "OMG THATS its name!", I was like "what?" she went on to tell me how the only bag she ever wanted from LV was a limited edition bag in that line in a bronze colour but she couldnt get it as it was completely gone, now this was probably a good 4-6 years back (this was a few years before I EVEN liked LV), and I know that the bronze is now discontinued, but was there ever a limited edition bronze vernis bag? if so I can't imagine there would be many LE bronze vernis', so if you guys could help me I would MUCH appreciate it, I'D LOVE to find and surprise her with one!
  2. Well, there were many bags in the Bronze Vernis line. I don't know of any Limited edition bags though. The color was discontinued a while ago. Did she describe what the bag looked like to you?
  3. I only knew of that one clutch like manolomaven has. I'd have to go back to her collection thread to find the name but I don't even know if it came in a bronze color.
  4. So no LE on the bronze vernis line? I was never into vernis anyways so it doesnt matter but she seems to belive it was a LE edition maybe the line had JUST been discontinued and she assumed it was a LE. thanks for the replies guys!!!
  5. ??? the pouchette with flowers, maybe?
  6. Is the owl made of brown vernis (I know my frog is made of green and the butterfly is purple)
  7. no it was an actual bag from the line, I didnt think they made all vernis LE's maybe it was just being discontinued at the time, does anyone know When it was discontinued?
  8. I think the vernis was discontinued in 2004? I'd gotten my Ludlow for Valentine's Day that year..
  9. Maybe the Bleeker, Thompson St. or Spring St.?
  10. Astor Place??
  11. astor place? is that a bag?
  12. u mean the bronze was discontinued then?
  13. Astor was a bag shaped like a can. Round with a top that opened and had a buckle as a closure.
  14. It's probably a bag style in vernis that was discontinued like Spring Street?
  15. Oops, I meant 2003, now that I think of it. So I think it was discontinued that year as well. It definitely wasn't a new color when I 'd gotten it; it had been out awhile already (it was introduced in 2000, I believe.)