Question about USPS priority mail soft shipping envelopes

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  1. Hi! I'm Canadian so pardon my ignorance....I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if those soft (not the cardboard ones) envelopes for Priority Mail are flat rate?

    I have to return 2 pairs of jeans and am using the return envelope that Revolve included, but I'm returning them to a different online store... so figured I'd use a shipping envelope I already have. Just didn't know if it was considered flat rate or went by weight?

  2. ^^^ The soft envelope that Revolve sends for returns are not flat rate... :smile:
  3. ahh ok thanks! Good to know... any one know if this would be the cheapest way to send 2 pairs of jeans priority? Or would a flat rate box be cheaper... I guess maybe I'd have to ask the post office?
  4. If the envelope is a flat rate envelope, it will say it on the envelope itself :smile:
  5. The best way to know whether you are better off shipping via flat rate or by weight is to weigh the shipment. You can then go to and use the domestic shipping calculator to see the different options and pricing. If you're returning exactly what was shipped to you the weight might be on the original package. Different packaging may change the weight slightly but it will at least give you an idea.
  6. The cheapest way is still using those envelop because you can reduce the weight of the paper box and you can send by airmail but it won't include tracking number.
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