Question about USPS lost shipments

  1. I won a few things on ebay recently. The sellers did provide tracking numbers and I have found that the packages were delivered to my address. However, I never received them. Does the seller fill out a missing package form or do I do this with USPS? What other actions should I be taking right now? This is obviously not any of the sellers fault as it appears to have been delivered to my apartment and left. I hope I am posting this in the right place. I just want to know if anyone else has had a package lost / stolen and what they have done. thanks!
  2. Go to the post office and file a claim, seller can do the same thing at his local post office. It takes long to investigate though, up to 3 months, not sure about timing.
  3. Thanks! So both of us should file claims. I will do that tomorrow. Thank you.
  4. Oh so sorry. I hate when the PO just leaves the package at a apartment doorstep. Anyone can walk away with it. Have you asked the office to see if they have it? I have had customers tell me that their package was in the apartment office & they were not given notice. You can file a lost item claim but the usps will not refund you unless you purchased insurance.
  5. I checked with my apartment manager last week about the packages. She said that they never accept packages. I am trying to figure out if I can request the mail carrier not to leave any packages at my door ever. He typically does not do this and one of the packages were shipped EMS. Very strange.
  6. Also, I thought for delivery confirmation items, they could not leave it at your door without someone signing for them. Is this true?
  7. this is really WEIRD:confused1: usually if the sender requested delivery confirmation the only person they can deliver the parcel to is you. Also if the delivery guy left it at a neighbour's they usually leave a note to let you know where to retrieve your parcel. Maybe you should check and look for that piece of paper (well I guess you already have). Also go to your post office and check. I remember once they attempted a delivery and I got the note letting me know 2 weeks later! By that time I had actually already got my parcel accidentally when picking up another one at the post office.Humm I really can't figure this out??? Keep us posted if you have news. Hope you'll get your parcel!!
  8. Thanks so much everyone for responding! I will keep everyone updated on my progress with USPS. I really hope that the packages are found.
  9. I hope you find it soon!
  10. To have a package signed for is a different service (although EMS does this). Actually, domestic Delivery Confirmation (the little white and green sheet with a barcode)is not very reliable as all they have to do is scan it and leave it. All is shows is that the package was delivered/scanned somewhere in your zipcode and not necessarily at your address so even if were misdelivered it'll still show delivered. We've had many discussions about this and although postal carriers are not supposed to do this, sometimes they will also scan the package before he/she leaves the station, in the truck or wherever's convenient which will explain why a package will show delivered at 8 am when the item arrived at 11a. The only protection is insurance. What I would do is talk to the carrier and see if he remembers the package. It's amazing what they can recall if it's a box. It's strange that there have been a few missing. Maybe he's been leaving them in the wrong place or some thief just knows you get packages fairly frequently. I'd definitely purchase insurance atleast until you figure out what's going on.

  11. If it was sent via EMS someone has to sign for it. If you look up the tracking info online it will tell you who signed for it & when. Maybe that will give you a idea of where they are going. I would put a note on my door saying do not leave ANY packages at door if no answer & sign your name.

  12. No all they have to do is scan the package & leave it. Sometimes they don't even scan it & it will show as undelivered when you have the package in your hands. If you purchase insurance or signature confirmation someone will have to sign for it but it could be any person over 16 so that is not the safest route either but at least you will know who signed for it. Goodluck I hope you find your items.
  13. Thanks! I did that today and left a note for him to not leave anything at my door. If he did deliver them to someone else, I don't think I will ever get it back. I have a feeling that they were left at the door and someone took them. It happened to a UPS package a few months ago. The guy just left it at my door and did not require signature. It was picked up by someone else and two weeks later, it showed up underneath my mailbox at the apt. opened. It was crazy, but I was happy that they did not take what was inside.
  14. Actually, insured domestic shipments doesn't require a signature either. They just put the insured stamp on the package and it's handled no differently. The only packages that require a signature is a signed for service, and if one of the packages that is missing is EMS, then a note shouldn't even be necessary. It's a requirement that they get a signature and you should take that one up with your PO. The sad thing is, they don't ask for ID so anyone can even sign for it. For the EMS package, Does it actually say delivered or possibly arrived (meaning at the local station)?
  15. Yes, the EMS package did say that it was delivered and signed for by me. I couldn't have signed for this package b/c I was at work at the time it was delivered 2 pm. It says that a notice was left the same day that the package was delivered and signed for. It was the strangest thing. I went to the PO the next day and asked if they had it there, and they looked all over the place, and it was not. I have no idea what is going on with that package. I contacted the seller today and asked her to start an investigation.