Question about using your Chanel as an every day bag~

  1. I know that there are threads in here already about this but I'm curious .. if you are using your Chanel bag everyday - what do you do as a living? I sometimes wonder in my line of work if carrying my NEW Chanel is a bit much :confused1: Not that it really matters but just wondering ...

    I work as an Office Manager for an Automotive Service Station - yes....with Autos - I don't know a darn thing about them either .. I always wonder how in the world I got this job! But it's great pay and great hours so I can't complain. :smile: And I don't worry about my purse getting dirty since I have my own office and the grease monkeys stay well away from my purses (they know my obsession and I get teased daily about it) - I'm too girlie for this line of work but I love this particular office I work in.

    I dress very professional at work - I'm one of those that believes that especially when you are dealing face to face with customers .. no matter what you are doing, you should dress a bit professional. I'm very business like .. even in this industry.

    I've looked at some of your pictures and you all look sooo classy and chic. Like high society New York women. :tup:

    So what do you all do? Do you use your Chanel everyday for work and for just regular running around? This one I got is something I want to use every day .. I love her! But I don't want to look weird .. underdressed with a fancy purse. Ya know? I got a Classic Jumbo - black with gold HW - oh .. she's SOO pretty :heart:
  2. I think one of the great things about Chanel is that they do look great dressed up or down :smile:

    Enjoy using your bag for work, you have worked hard for it and deserve to use it alot.

    Just keep those mechanics away from her lol ;)

    Im a mum, I used all my Chanels during the day, I never think about it, or what others think :smile:
  3. When I first joined this forum, this was one of the first questions I asked. I'm a SAHM and a grad student. The ONLY bags I see around here are either Dooney, Coach, Vera Bradley or an LV (sometimes). On a RARE moment, I will see a CHANEL; and only once was it the real-deal. It surprises me, because I live in one of the richest counties in the US. I've seen women at my childrens' school talk about other women over their choice of clothes, makeup, bags even cars. To say I am not a member of the "crowd" would be an understatement. It was the ladies here who said to "wear that CHANEL with PRIDE" that made me say "why not". And now I do. The only place I DON'T wear it is to the playground or somewhere I would normally NOT carry a purse to.

    Life it too short. You work hard, you save up, you take care of your business; carry/wear what YOU want and enjoy it. IMHO, you buy CHANEL because you LOVE it and it speaks to you. Why hide that? Granted, there are those who buy it for the status; and that's their choice. But I don't buy what's "in"; never have, never will (well, one should never say never, lol. But I have not done so, so I doubt I ever will, lol). ENJOY your CHANEL!! :yes:
  4. Whether working as a legal secretary, paralegal or doing hair, I carried a Chanel daily. Although I'm at home now I still carry Chanel wherever I go. I may wear jeans and a t-shirt or dress up a bit, Chanel is always on my arm.
  5. I wear my chanel bags every day casual, at work or in the evening (chanel clutches) - I wear it with pride and i dont care what anyone else thinks!
  6. I'm a stay at home Mom of 3, job duties include but are not limited too:
    coaching DD's cheer squad, taxi driver, chief financial officer, personal shopper, maid, doctor, etc. . . .
    all of which are clearly VERY glam:lol:

  7. Yeah, I've never bought things that were in either. I love vintage items which is why I bought a pre-loved vintage Chanel for my first purchase. It's just the style I wanted since I saw one years ago - Yes there are quite a few Chanels I want that are the in style right now but it's not going to happen anytime soon. :tdown: But I think when you have to save up for it, it means so much more to you.

    Funny thing - last night - (I just got the purse yesterday) - I had it sitting next to me on the couch .. you know .. for security purposes .. plus I had to keep looking at it and touching at it to make sure it was real! :lol: My 13 year old daughter sat down on the other side next to it .. strokes it .. sighs, and says, "That purse is just to die for. I LOVE IT!" - oh oh .. do I have a Chanel lover in the making?! :nuts: I just laughed and said .. maybe for graduation honey ... she clapped her hands and says "Ooohh...something to look forward to!" :lol:

    I'm worried .. I don't think this household can withstand 2 purse lovers. HAHAHA.

  8. omg, i totally agree with you! my dad and mom tell me the same thing too! they never believe in bringing their money to their grave or passing the whole lot to their children (aka me) because they believe i should work hard for my own money and not live off on inheritance. i don't believe in that either, i've been brought up to work hard for my own things in the right way and i believe that you want something, you should really love it to own it! not buy it because you want to be accepted by society.

    my mom uses her chanel bag everyday! it's so casual, the timeless line and hers is in pink, just imagine! she uses it everyday in that color, so i'm sure you'll be able to pull yours off easily :graucho: don't worry about it! your baby will look so fab on you, those boys will just :drool:
  9. I work for a small electronics company, mostly in the office but I do a little traveling as well. Dress is casual to business casual in the office depending on the day and the person. I wear my Chanels almost every day. There's only one other woman in the company who wears or even recognizes designer bags, so at least we have each other at the office. I am nowhere near the level of chic of so many ladies on this forum, but I really enjoy my Chanels regardless of what I'm wearing, from a business suit to jeans and a t-shirt.
  10. I wear my bags everyday. I wear jeans and t shirts, hoodies, sweaters, etc and get this-construction boots. I work in the demolition/excavation industry and spend most of my time on site or somewhere out and about in the city. Wear what you want, no limits, just wear it proud!!!:tup:
    But-I do leave my bags in the car when I am on site-unless I take it and leave it in the site trailer. I do wear my chanel sunglasses at all times, My bags have been to job meetings and bid walks. Just this week, my rock and chain came with me to a meeting to take down some surrounding buildings at Yankee stadium.
  11. I am a Historian/Archaeologist and I never used any designer bags on the ...field lol!Except a Burberry bowler I got in 2005 which is being used by my daughters mostly now!
    That was while leaving in Greece ,I took a 3 year break from work since DH has got transferred to Vienna and I like toting around my Chanels in the historic cafes and various events we are invited to !
    Viennese women are very well and expensively dressed more on the classical side .High end bags are more than common esp in the Historical centre of Vienna where Luxurious brand boutiques are literally one next to the other!:yahoo:
  12. I'm a lawyer, so my bags go with the whole suit-and-heels lifestyle. But on the weekends, I dress down (waaay down, we're talking jeans and t-shirt) and carry the bag.

    I'm definitely not "high society New York" glamour---I wish! However, I am firmly of the opinion that a proper handbag can make even the most basic of outfits/makeup/etc. look put together.
  13. i think chanels are the best things that ever happened, i'm even gonna carry one to the upcoming tatler event! i'll be carrying my reissue 227! love it! you'll carry more and more of chanels, when you switch to other brands, you'll realise you still love chanel more.

    and then you know you're hooked. just like me! :smile: