Question about using Cleansers with the Clarisonic


Jan 8, 2007
Nowhere out of ordinary.
Hi, all! So I have the Clarisonic Mia at home, and this is the cleanser that I use with it: It's the Pureness Deep Cleansing Foam by Shiseido. I am not unhappy with that specific cleanser and my clarisonic together, but I believe that this is supposed to be a cleanser that you wash off afterwards and instead of washing it off I am technically rubbing/massaging it in with my Clarisonic instead? (Therefore, instead of the cleanser being removed by water, the clarisonic is gently pushing it into my skin.) Is this still okay, or correct to do? It just got me thinking that maybe certain cleansers are designed to be washed off and not to be used with the clarisonic. However, my skin definitely isn't suffering from using this cleanser and my clarisonic (with other skincare products of course), so what do you guys think? :smile:


Apr 14, 2008
If you like the results you are currently getting i wouldnt worry. Your just getting a more thorough clean with the Mia and you are still rinsing with water so its all good!