Question about used Marc Jacobs Blake pricing

  1. Someone is interested in buying my MJ Blake. I bought it for full price. It's the Caramel color and in excellent condition. What is the highest price I can ask for it? I did research on eBay but the MJ Blakes seem to go for very little $$. Am I crazy to ask the potential seller for $500- $600? Your responses are very appreciated. Thanks!
  2. i paid $650 for my BNWT Spearmint. I guess it depends on how rare it is to find, how often you used it and how badly the other person wants it.
  3. For the most part, MJs don't hold their value like some other brands. What year/season is your bag from? Does it have gold or silver hardware?
  4. Hi...It's from May 2005. It has silver hardware...I'm not really an MJ expert, so I'm not sure it's rare color/hardware combo. Can someone tell me if this combo is rare/desireable? TIA!
  5. I was following an auction of a MJ Blake in caramel (I believe that was the name of the color). NWOT. It went up to 666. Ended yesterday. Hope this helps.
  6. ^ That auction was for a Resort 2006 Cocoa Blake with gold hardware. I would estimate an older Blake in excellent condition is worth closer to $500.
  7. Thanks so much for all of your help!