Question about upcoming bags?

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  1. I was told by an SA that PCE can not be used on any bags that you have to back order. I realllly want the anthracite embroidered Audrey. I can't afford this bag at all without the help of PCE. Does anyone know when this bag is suppose o be available to order? Also do you think it's going to sell out before I get a chance to purchase it?

    Thanks Ladies
  2. anyone??=(
  3. can anyone help me?
  4. im fairly sure that it is supossed to come out end of february with march's floorset, but isnt anthracite on of the limited edition colors?
  5. That is not entirely true. It can be done. I used the last PCE to buy the Peony Croc Maggie which had to be back ordered as it was not released yet. The Mgr had to do it though. It may be that the SA either does not know it can be done or how to do it. I would ask the Mgr. I know it is a bit tedious for them to do but it can be done.