question about unknown bag in new mini lin dune...

  1. i noticed this in the look book forum and haven't seen this name anywhere on or eluxury...i'm wondering if anyone knows what this might look like: ?

    "poch pte monnaie dune $545" -- this is what the 2007 look book calls it, and it will be in mini lin dune.
  2. Isn't that a wallet?
  3. lol probably...see i wouldn't know. that's why i'm asking...going to look now...
  4. looks like it. the closest thing i see using those words are wallets - damier uses "monnaie" and a mini lin wallet uses "pochette" -- oh well. haha.
  5. it's the bigger wallet they have now:yes: All the styles like below are called pochette porte monnaie. I find the US are inconsistent with naming for the same style accessories (eg. billfold), whereas French always stays the same regardless of the line/collection, so I stick to French lol