question about "uniqueness" of fall-winter 07-08 fabric stitched reissue

  1. hey everyone,

    I love reading this sub-forum even though I don't own any Chanel (well, except for a pair of earrings that I bought while in Boston).

    my mom and I have this philosophy where we try to buy only 1 bag by any designer (I guess the only exception would be LV; we love the seasonal LE pieces). it's a tough rule to abide by! however, it guarantees that we have a collection of unique bags by many different designers. it makes us happy. : )

    I've only been on tPF for about a year, and I'm still not very familiar with Chanel bags. I imagine some of you have been buying Chanel for years, and it's the help of these members that I especially need (in addition to anyone else that can provide input, of course).

    we're thinking of making our first (and, as I explained earlier, only) Chanel purchase this fall. I've fallen in love with the turquoise fabric stitched croc bag from the runway show, and what's more, the lookbook reveals that the bag comes in many stunning jewel tones: coral, grape, and canary, to name but a few. also, according to the lookbook and our SA, the fabric-stitched collection is "one-shot".

    so, based on your vast and varied knowledge of Chanel (think back as many years as you can), would you say that this is an exceptionally unique bag?

    some things to think about, in particular:

    1. does Chanel normally make brightly coloured bags? (think colours of similar depth of hue to the runway turquoise, and the colours that I mentioned above)

    2. has a fabric-stitched bag been previously attempted by Chanel? it seems very unique, and if I do say so, a technological innovation. I've never seen anything quite like the fabric stitching.

    3. how unique are the strap and the closure/lock? I am under the impression that both were introduced with the 2.55-2005 anniversary reissue.

    4. in your opinion, is there anything else that makes this bag particularly unique?

    thanks for bearing with me; I realize these are fairly odd questions to ask, but when one abides by a 1 bag / designer rule, one must make a very, very good decision!

    thanks for your help, lovelies!

    : )
  2. Wow.. you are sure very prepared. Unfortunately, I am not the best person to answer these questions.. but these people are really helpful and I'm sure you will get some great opinions. Godd luck! and post some pics!
  3. I'm not an expert...but i'll try to contribute as I happen to know the bag you're talking about.

    Chanel doesnt usually have many bright colored bags. Although it just so happened that this year's spring/summer collection had a similar shade of turquiose flap in some sort of non-leather cloth.

    Red, black, white, beige and occasionally light pink are the most common chanel colors. I think coral and purple have been done before for flaps but these colors were seasonal.

    Hope that somewhat helps!
  4. Hello there! My own knowledge of Chanel isn't too "vast and varied" but I'd love to be able to help in any way I can. I know that there are many other ladies who'll be able to elaborate more in depth!! :yes:

    1. Chanel has/does make bags in bright and vibrant day I'll have a Chanel classic flap in every color of the rainbow ;)

    2. I'm afraid I do not know the answer to this question...

    3. The strap and closure are found on all reissues, which paid homage to Coco's classic handbag introduced in February 1955.

    4. I personally love the black version and have asked my SA to put me on the waitlist (since there technically isn't a list yet, I printed out a photo of the bag and gave it to her :p). The jewel-tone turquoise makes its gold chain and hardware look too yellow IMHO.

    I hope this is at least somewhat helpful!! :flowers:
  5. erm_chan and butterfliie, thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it. I guess I do sound pretty sure of myself / crazy. LOL I guess once I get hooked on something, there's no helping me! LOL

    anybody else have any comments? really, I'd love to hear everyone's opinions!

    please share! : D
  6. Does anyone have a picture of this bag? I understand the coco croco comes both in silk/jersey and also leather. the price of the silk/jersey is around $3000. I am not sure what the price of the leather version is.
  7. This in a great thread. Why? Because I am smitten by the pics of the turquoise bag as well. First saw it on Chanel site in one of the fall pics.

    That said through the years there have been Chanels in an array of colors from pink, lavendar, purple, coral, red, green, blue from light to navy, etc. BUT, you know there is always is a but -- the easiest to obtain are the blacks, beiges, whites. My guess is there are fewer of the non-basic bags made, ergo they get harder to come by. (Case in point, the violet, the mint. and coral bags and it sounds like perhaps pink will soon join the rank.)

    Just my take tho. . .
  8. I'm not an expert here but, IMO, it is quite a unique bag, given the material and contrast colours...unfortunately, for me any way, the silk jersey material does not appeal as it does not look as though it will be long scratch and mark easily etc...
  9. I agree the material is not the most practical but I've seen chanel produce fabric bags before. None of them were stiched in the croc design though that I know of! I can't believe you will be sticking to a one chanle rule :biggrin: I can't getenough of chanel ><
  10. I'll toss this into the mix and some of you may know this, others not. Chanel can only refurbish their leather purses. I have a rare black rubber classic flap. I was told when I bought it that they won't be able to refurbish it, nor can they bring back to life any boucle, material bags. I once owned a white lambskin bucket bag that they would not redye. So if you do get a specialty bag, keep it for special occasions. That would include pythonsl. Condition the skins frequently so they don't curl and dehydrate.

  11. GOOD to know - thanks for the FIY!!:smile: