Question about unconfirmed address

  1. A potential buyer wants to buy a bag of mine but has an unconfirmed address. She has good feedback but I do not want to leave myself vulnerable.

    Question is...if I send her a paypal invoice not stating that it for eBay merchandise and she pays that, then she wouldn't be able to file a claim via paypal, would she saying she never rec'd the merchandise? I would of course send it with tracking and insurance for her security and mine.

    I have sent friends money via paypal before that had nothing to do with eBay merch and don't see why this wouldn't be a good compromise for both of us in this case. We both still would have feedback on eBay available to us.

    Thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I just moved so my address was unconfirmed for a couple of weeks. Does she live in a place where they can't confirm her address? Did she say why it isn't confirmed? If she has really good feedback I would probably send it and I have. Make sure she has to sign for it and you get a copy of her signed acceptance slip.
  3. Is the bag on Ebay now or no? Regardless, call Paypal to double check, but you as the seller are not covered if you send items to an unconfirmed address.

    I don't think it matters if you purchase insurance, delivery confirmation, etc. That only helps you win a claim when you did what they asked, which is send to a confirmed mailing address. See what I'm saying?

    But, if you ship to an unconfirmed one to begin with, you are S*I* out of luck.

    Honestly, this person more than likely is an honest buyer, but you just never know these days. I wouldn't risk sending to an unconfirmed address if it were me. If anything, have her get verified (it will take a few days), but at least you will feel better about the transaction! Good luck!
  4. I already know all that's been said above which is why I asked about sending a "request for money" that shows nothing about the ebay auction. That is what I am wondering about.
  5. Sorry. But, I think Paypal works the same way regardless of whether it is an Ebay auction or not. I think she could still file a claim for "goods not received"? That's why I said call Paypal and double check with them. Their help line can give you a definite answer.
  6. If it's not an ebay tranaction, you can send/receive money via Google Checkout -- your buyer can pay securely using credit card (her address can be US or int'l), and there are no fees for seller or buyer. I've used Google Checkout a couple of times and am amazed by that service.
  7. My opinion: If you are concerned about the unconfirmed address, don't sell to the person. I've seen many auctions where the seller states clearly that they will not sell to a person with an unconfirmed address (Paypal).

    If you conduct a transaction outside of eBay, then you could be screwed completely -. eBay wouldn't back you up. Paypal still wouldn't provide a confirmed address. So?

    Why try to go a different route - it just makes more work, worry, and trouble for you.