Question about Tyvek Tags?

  1. I saw tyvek tags mentioned in a couple of the security threads and I'm wondering what kind people are talking about.

    I'm a new seller, and I want to offer my buyers the ability to return a piece, but I don't want to get switched or scammed by a dishonest buyer. Reading about all the scams here has made me very nervous!

    I was thinking about using the tyvek wristbands like you get at an amusement park -- the kind that can't be removed without destroying the band. It could be attached to a handle or piece of trim that can't be unclasped or removed.

    Is there another kind of tyvek tag I should be looking for?

  2. I also write on mine, where they overlap and take pictures of it so the buyer would have trouble if they tried to take it apart and reattach it later on the same or different bag.
  3. Excellent! Exactly what I was looking for. You guys are the best -- thanks!