question about twiggys!

  1. hi everyone!
    does the twiggy have two zippers on the top? what i mean is sort of one on each side...i hope that's clear. thanks in advance!
  2. No. Just one.
  3. Oh the Twiggy is a great handbag. It doesn't have two zippers, but it does have two pulls on the top, so you can close it in the middle, or on either side. If that makes sense?

    I wish you well,

  4. thanks, that's exactly what i needed to know! i just got a twiggy, and i wanted to make sure everything was right with it! thanks so much!
  5. Yup, the twiggy has two zipper pulls. Very convenient in my opinion :smile:
  6. i love the twiggy!!!!!!!!!
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