Question about Trespassing!

  1. Anyone work in law enforcement or just familiar with it? I have a question. Say Person A was given a verbal warning saying that if they ever came onto Person B's property again they would be arrested for trespassing. What if Person B then invited Person A over. Would Person A still be in danger of being arrested? Is there anyway Person B could make the trespassing warning go away?
  2. Why would person B want to be with Person A when they obviously dont like person B....wait I am confused now. MOMMY MY HEAD HURTS!!!

    Seriously thats a good question. I will be curious to see the answer!

  3. I think they could still be arrested since the warning mentioned nothing about coming uninvited, right? I don't know..
  4. its not trespassing if you're invited...
  5. Who gave the warning? Who owns the property?

    Are you perhaps confusing this with a no contact order? There's a huge difference between a verbal warning and an actual order issued by the court.
  6. If you invite a person, they are considered an invitee or social guest...... or licensee... depends on state
  7. ^^In this case, A is a licensee (aka social guest) of B under the law of Torts. If B has verbally invited A in this case, A will NOT be in danger of being accused of trespassing, because A has an express permission for B to enter the property.

    Also, this does not depend on states, because this concept is a common law rule, meaning it will apply everywhere. Hope this helps!
  8. ^ MN got rid of those distinctions and only has invitees and trespassors

    So that's why I said the actual labels used depends on the state LOL
    I was just being lazy about answering the question
  9. ^^^Exactly just look up the common law defnition of trespass, the crux is essentially an "univited intrusion"
  10. The police say that you must have an actual sign on your property that says "no trespassing" in order for an arrest to be made if someone crosses it without your permission.
  11. I am not sure about the law/rules on this... but I would assume that person A did something very bad to get a warning like that, so then person B could still be in danger. That would be my stance. As person B, I would never let me guard down for person A. Getting a verbal warning like that with a consequence that could lead to being arrested really is a serious matter... person A did something very bad to get that then.... :oh:
  12. Gosh, this sounds like a torts question on my bar exam... My head hurts now... :rolleyes: