Question About Treating Hayden Harnett Bags

  1. I have AppleGuard and Wilson's leather and suede protector... has anyone used either of these on their bags, and which ones if you have? Thanks so much!
  2. I used the Wilson's on my chocolate ANA without a problem!
  3. I've used Applegarde conditioner and the protectant spray on my Nico and haven't noticed any problems. It's black, though, so I don't know if they darken leather.

    I have a pewter Mercer clutch, too. Anyone know what products to use on metallic leathers?
  4. mockinglee -
    I used Wilson's protectant spray on my Bulga ruched crescent satchel in Goldrush (metallic) and it was fine...hopefully, someone with the same HH bag will respond.
  5. ^Hmmm...thanks! Maybe I'll try out the spray and use the luggage tag as a test patch.
  6. I used the Apple Garde protectant spray on my HH Ana, and it didn't darken the leather at all. I haven't used it enough to see how well it worked, but it did not look any different after treatment.
  7. I just used Apple Garde spray on my white HH Inka, and the leather immediately turned grey wherever I sprayed. :wtf: It's drying and fading back to white, but I'm going to inspect it in sunlight tomorrow morning before spraying the rest of the bag.
  8. I decided to try the Wilson's last night on my mercer satchel, and it did great! I tested the little luggage tag first, and when it showed no discoloration, I sprayed the baby down! Just thought I;d let you gals know for anyone else who might be wanting to try it!
  9. I used LMB protreatment on my triple strap, and it worked very well!
  10. I wouldn't use anything on a chalk bag as I found that apple care conditioner darkened the color a slight bit. I do carry around a white eraser, which does a good job of removing dirt and slight stains.
  11. Has anyone treated a Lorca in Saddle? I read on LunaBoston's sight that the saddle leather is actually untreated which is why it marks so easily - shame HH can't put the same info on their site. I'd really like to treat it but I don't know if HH leaves the leather untreated for a reason...
  12. I have used apple care conditioner on my saddle suki without any problem. It got rid of the light scratches that are characteristic of the leather but did not change the color or feel of the leather.