Question about trading assistants on ebay.

  1. I have never used this service before and I was wondering if anyone had any experiences using a trading assistant on eBay to sell your goods. I am just so fed up with selling on eBay right now and would really love to have someone else take care of it for me. Any pros or cons? And if you have used a TA for selling your designer bags I would love to know who you used and how they were.
    Thank you!
  2. Well I guess the "con" is that they take a pretty hefty chunk of what the item is sold for (I think about 30%). But if you don;t have the time to list and package and ship then 70% is better than nothing ;)
  3. I use a selling assistant, she takes 20% but it's well worth it to me not to hassle with the foolishness. I just pick up a check in the end.
  4. ^ that is why I am thinking about doing it, to avoid the hassle. The person I am looking at has great feedback over 4000 but she charges 30% plus eBay fees. Is that reasonable?
    Any T/A recommendations?
  5. I have an additional question... are they usually able to sell it for a bit more than you would?
  6. All my items start at $9.99 with no reserve, I have not yet been disappointed with my final figures.
    With the questions she gets, the collecting of the money, the shipping hassles, I had one item go to Estonia & one to France & who knows where else, I'm just happy to avoid the hassles & give her the cut she so deserves!
  7. ^^ Thanks gacats!!
  8. If you are fed up with selling on ebay and depending on what you want to sell, you may want to use Ann's Fabulous Finds. I know that she is highly recommed by a lot of TPFers. I am in the process of having her consign some things for me. When I spoke to her, she mentioned that certain designers have huge waiting lists for them -- LV and Balenciaga. They pretty much are sold as soon as she puts them up. You may want to try that.
  9. ^ thank you for that recommendation. I may check out her website and see what she is all about.