Question about Tory Burch Reva's in GOLD

  1. Last week, when it was acting like Spring here, I ordered a pair of Tory Burch Reva's from I was really torn between silver and gold, but they didn't have the silver available and I will be carrying an LV denim bag this summer in a mossy-green color with brass trim, so I went with the gold.

    They arrived the other day, but I'm concerned about the color. It is a really bright, brassy gold. The picture below is from their website, and I thought when I was ordering that it was just the color or the photo on their website, but that is exactly how they look. Now I am wondering... is there more than one Tory Burch gold? Is there a "softer" gold? Is one last year's and one this year's? What do you all think? Do you like this? TIA!! I'm heading down to Washington DC for the long weekend, and if I decide to keep them, I want to take them for the trip, but I don't want to take them if there's a chance I may return them. Hmmmm.....

  2. I saw an SA at Saks wearing them the other day with jeans and they looked really good.
  3. I know there's gold leather and gold suede. I have the leather ones, and they go with everything! I totally love them!
  4. They have gold tory burch at

    and it looks like a different tone of gold then the one you got, more softer. But maybe it might be the lighting. :hrmm:

    I am not too fond of the bright gold shoes, I prefer softer gold. :p

    I'm thinking of getting a tory burch reva flat too in black leather with silver hardware. Do they run true to size?
  6. Funny...I was just at Tory Burch last night in Atlanta and saw the gold. They are very if your unsure I would return them and get the silver. The SA that helped me was wearing the Silver and they looked so cute, not nearly as bold as the gold. But if you like bold then keep them. I think they are cute shoes...I'm getting the black with silver and the that's bold. Haha...hope this helps.
  7. Thanks EVERYONE! I did take them with me last weekend, and wore them on Saturday. They looked awesome and they did pinch the part of my foot that is the widest (below the toes towards the top.) I was not too happy 'bout that, but so many on here say that they do soften up and get super comfy, so I will chin up and try them again. (When it gets warmer here!)