Question about tomorrow's Saks sale in store

  1. I have been eyeing a juicy couture coat since Thanksgiving when it's $328 on sale and hold a great hope that it will be additional 50% off on Christmas. However, I did not see that happen today. I am wondering if the Saks stores will have more range of the merchandise go on further sale than the website? I have my SA hold this coat two days ago since I feel pretty sure it will be included in this sale, but now I am worried it will the same price tomorrow in store. Anyone have any thoughts?
    juicy couture 548 revolve.jpg
  2. No clue, but the Coat is super cute!
  3. Lots of contemporary stuff don't undergo additional markdowns...they get discounted at really really random times throughout the year (sometimes like in feb or end of jan) you have to watch it like a hawk and hope that you find it when it hits. If it didn't start yesterday then it means that it won't go on sale now in store or online.

    This is typical for brands like diesel and juicy.
  4. In my experience I have found a different selection of sale merchandise in the store. Particulary Saks NY, they had masses of racks and the prices are better in store compared to online.