Question about Tokidoki Zucca

  1. For those of you who have a Tokidoki Zucca from a previous season (not Spring 2007) what fabric is inside of that small zippered pocket on the front of the bag? Does it have the fabric the color of the inside of the bag or does it have the character print fabric like the outside of the bag?

    I thought in previous seasons when I unzipped that front little pocket that there were characters in there like there are in the Gioco's front zipper pocket but on my new Pirata Zucca it's just the plain blue fabric on the inside of that pocket.

    I'm so curious and I haven't seen any zuccas in the stores to check it out. Thanks!
  2. I had a Foresta zucca and it was just plain orange.
    edited: wait, I just reread you said front pocket? I don't remember.
  3. The Fumo has Cita lining, Inferno has red lining, and I believe that the Paradiso has yellow lining?
  4. Laria is this true on the inside of the small front pocket?
  5. I just checked the Zucca bags I have and they both have the same lining on the outside pocket as on the inside. :yes:
  6. Thanks so much for checking I really appreciate it!
  7. Has anyone spotted a zucca in any retail store other than LeSportsac yet?? I know NYshopaholic saw one pirata zucca in Macys NYC...anyone else?? I feel like I've been all over the bay area and have not seen a single one. :confused1:
  8. i think your gonna have to go online or maybe even *Gasp!* eBay- just dont bid on anyone with zero feedback!!:crybaby:
  9. Man oh man...I think you might be right. I'm thinking of ordering it from Pulse. Thanks for the advice on the eBay thing. I will never ever again bid on anything from anyone with 0 feedback no matter how bad I want it!
  10. lol you learned the hard way, but if you werent there, I would have learned the hard way. we are too alike.. its kinda freaky! :biggrin:
  11. We are too alike. How old are you? I'm curious if we're the same age.
    Did you see the e-mail the seller sent me today??????? Check it out I want to know what you think about it. I posted it in that thread you started about what does this mean where you posted the email.
  12. im 21.. well 22 in march.. you?

    the ebay thread?
  13. I'm too slow...looks like you found the thread w/out me. Man, you're way younger than me...I'm an :huh:OOOld lady!! I just turned 29...I figured for sure we were close in age. Now I'm bummed. Happy Birthday to you!! My boyfriend, sister and my mother all have birthdays in March!! I think I read that you were married, are you recently married??:love:
  14. I'll be 28 in October-we can be Tokidoki seniors together!
  15. Hey I just saw you're 29. I'm 27 I'm glad I'm not the oldest one here :p
    My boss has a 18 year old daughter and she and I like all the same bands and clothes and stuff... she says it's because her daughter is 18 going on 22 and I'm 27 going on 22!