Question About Tokidoki Bag Sizes

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  1. Hello! My parents have been so kind as to let me get a tokidoki bag for my birthday (which is next Sunday!)~ I've been puzzling over which one to get (although my limit is $130). The biggest question I have about the tokidoki bags is their size. I am a girl who loves small bags - aka bags that are big enough to hold a little wallet, an iPod, a cellphone, and maybe some misc. tiny things. Could someone post a picture/describe to me how big the dolce is? As well as the bella. Are the mini bags on all bags that I would be able to use? Or are they too too small?

    Ack!! Long post!! Thank you so much for all of your help! :smile:
  2. I'd go with the bella. I have a bella and for the most part I love it. It holds my checkbook wallet, sunglass case, keys. I put my lip gloss and pen in the side zippered pockets. It will hold the items you mentioned above. I don't have a dolce, neither have I seen one in real life. But I don't think you can wear that bag over your shoulder because the strap length is short on that bag. Which print are you gonna get?
  3. i would go with the bella. i agree that the dolce is way too small and won't fit around your shoulder unless you want deodorant marks all over your bag. *lol*
  4. If I decide on bella I can get the Foresta print from If the dolce - I'm trying to decide between the pirata and the adios star. The problem is that I prefer the design of the dolce bag over the bella - I just wish it'd be easier to find pictures of mannequins with these bags on the internet or something haha~ It's so tough!
  5. Oo, do you know of where I could see any pictures of someone with a dolce? Or just a dolce against something?
  6. What do you think of the bambinone? At least it has a long strap. I don't have one of these though nor have I seen one. So I don't know how much it fits. I know I've asked about this bag style. From what others say it holds a lot. It has two zippered compartments.
  7. Is the bambione the same as the bambino in the mini bags section on
  8. They are different. The bambino is a minibag. The bambinone is in the handbag section. It is slightly bigger.
  9. Ohhh I see now. I like the look of the bambione - but could I adjust the strap so the bag hands just below my shoulder? (Haha I am so picky D:smile:
  10. You can also get the paradiso print in bella from If you are interested in that print. That is where I got mine from.
  11. Do you mean just below your arm or armpit? If that is case then I would say no with the bambinone. The strap on that bag looks too long. The bella would be a better pick then because that bag lands just under your arm.
  12. Thanks for the information! I love that print, too. They're all so fun~
  13. Yeah, I think the bambione's srap is too long, too. I'm looking for something that has a strap like the bella has - I prefer bags like that in general~ I wish I could see pictures of a dolce!
  14. Honestly, I think the dolce is going to end up being too small to fit your needs.
  15. I bet it would be, too. Stinky D: Do you know which bag is the largest out of all the mini bags? Or are they all too mini to do anything but be cute?