Question about Tokidoki and Harajuku Lovers

  1. I know that tokidoki is going to be high in value when the collaboration ends and so on. Also that tokidoki is collectable and so it harajuku lovers. Also that tokidoki have different print placments. Does harajuku lovers have that? Are harajuku lover hand bags just as high in same high value when a print has ended for Tokidoki?
  2. i think all harajuku lover bags are the same.... because the print is way smaller than tokidoki's therefore is more repetitive and pretty much all of them look alike imo. and i dont think you can compare the two in price because i can only wish that tokidoki bags were as cheap as HJ. i saw at macys a big tote bag for HJ was like 80 bucks... you compare it to a BV or Avventura and thats already double or more in cost. D:
  3. I saw HJ at Macy's too for that much, but when you scan it for the price.. it's actually cheaper sometimes! You RARELY see toki on sale. Wish it would go on sale though........... :graucho:
  4. yea, macys has HJ on sale A LOT. the last time i went i saw like a dozen HJ bags on clearance and one notte bocce that had a return tag on it xD
  5. The HJ bags are ALWAYS on sale at the macy's I go to. And there's always plenty in stock. IMO, HJ is inferior! XD
  6. Harajukus don't really increase in value. You can get them for practically nothing on eBay, now. As another poster said, they don't really have different placement. I think they are kind of cute, but in some cases I think some styles have seriously bitten on tokidoki's style.
  7. i dont like HJ... i saw this one that was a glossy blue plastic bag and it looked really cheap imo D:

    iono if they bite toki... but i swear i saw a HJ canguro looking thing lol
  8. The only print or whatever that I like from Harajuku Lovers is the ones that are street style or whatever...I like that japanese girl with the afro haha. She's cute. But yeah, I don't think it will be as expensive as Toki bags once they're out of print. But eh, who knows.
  9. welll personally, i love HL
    and i think tokidoki and HL are two
    totally different things.

    btw, who cares how valuable or not it is
    you're suppose to buy something because
    you think it looks nice or you like it and
    NOT cause its expensive.

    but anyways, i think HL is more
    fashion forward than tokidoki in a lot of ways
  10. I personally have a Harajuku Lovers bag that my friend gave me as a present and I love it. It's a limited edition ivory canvas material with some cute "watercolor" drawings of girls on them. I don't think I really like any of the newer editions of HL bags though, all that plastic coating on their bags somehow makes it look cheaper than they are. I agree with DarkAtashi, people should buy bags because they like them, and not the perceived monetary value of one. That's just MHO.
  11. true true, buy what you like. dont buy stuff because you want to make a profit off of it or something ._.;
  12. TOTALLY!
  13. ditto on buying something b/c you think it's nicE!
  14. ok i agree tht u buy somthin caus u lik it an all but tokidoki is wayyyyyy btter thn HJ
  15. i saw some cute HL bags at marshalls last year--the print had different girls with different hair color and faces. the print was adorable. i didn't buy a bag, and i've been sorry ever since. they were very cute, and pretty nicely made. the stuff that i've seen recently is not as nice. oh well.

    i agree, buy what you like, not what might appreciate in value. buy a house to make money, or stocks or something.