Question about Toile Kelly

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  1. Why is it that some toile Kellys are all leather on the "flap" and some are toile and leather (see Ivanka's)?

    I like the latter... something about the architecture of the mixed flap.

    Sorry if this has been answered somewhere else -- a search didn't return any results.


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  2. Beaumonde - I wonder if it's a retourne vs sellier thing
  3. I think Ivanka's is crinoline and they make those bags like that.
  4. I just noticed this. I LOVE her bag and don't know if I've seen one like that before. Very crisp looking design.
  5. Ivanka’s Kelly is just gorgeous – I’m now a fan of this style (whatever it’s called)
  6. In that case, my wishlist is officially amended!
  7. EH is quite correct. I have a horsehair and barenia Kelly and it is made like Ivanka's bag.
  8. Aaaah - fantastic. The crinoline looks fab :tup:

    gk - yours sounds great

    Are the crinolines all sellier?
  9. Mine is and I think in Kelly they are. There are some crinoline Birkins and Trim bags and a Yeoh and they are not. Mine is the older fabrication and is flatter with no ridges and I think that it has to be pulled and be flat or the bag would look odd. KWIM? The new crinoline with the ridges has more versitility. The only problem with that fabrication is that they could have pulling and sagging. Oh, just remembered that Jemz had a lovely Bolide for sale (now gone) that was ridged crinoline. It was a rigide Bolide style I think.
  10. Thanks gk :flowers: - I've only ever seen the ridged kind of crinoline.

    Yours sounds like a very pretty bag.

  11. Thank you! Here she is My Grace Kelly Bag:heart:

  12. Oh *swoon*...... :girlsigh:
  13. Ivanka is so pretty
  14. Beaumonde,

    Toile et cuir ( as Hermes call them) Kellys can be retourne, or sellier.

    Ivanka's is Sellier. The construction is very similar to an all leather Sellier Kelly. The whole body is made of toile, and the leather parts are used as borders. If I recall well, the sides of the bag are made of leather.
    The Black and toile is retourne ( this is my picture BTW;)).
    The construction of the bag is very similar to a retourne all leather Kelly. Comapred to the Sellier one there is much more leather on the retourne. PArt of back and flap, upper part of the front.

    On both styles, handle and straps are made of leather and the bag is all lined with leather.

    If the Toile part is made of crinolin, on retourne style, the inside lining is not made of leather, but is made of linen fishbone canevas.

    I like the combination bags very much, each style is interesting and very very Hermes anyway :tup:
  15. ^ Thank you so much for the info! So helpful!!!