Question about Tod's

  1. I am brand new to this site and am really happy to have found it!

    I purchased what I think is a Tod's bag but wanted some thoughts.

    It's from 2002 so definitely not brand new.

    It's a pale robin egg blue, square, and has Tod's on the 2 zipper handles that zip to meet in the middle.

    Tod's is also below the stitching on one handle on each side and is stamped on the inside.

    Is there anything that should be on the bag to identify it that I can look for or does this sound ok? I know my description is not very good!
  2. Can you post any pics? I have one Tod's. I don't know much about Tod's. I know the Tod's on the zipper pull is good. Check your zippers, turn them inside out and look underneath them to see if they are Lampo. Other than that what are the dimensions of your bag? Is it a tote or a shoulder bag. What kind of lining does it have and interior pockets?
  3. look carefully at the inside lining and make sure you don't find a "made in china" tag. i once had a fake my mum gave me with that in it. also, i've been told every tod's has a tag that says made in italy sewn into the lining. pictures would definately help ppl authenticate!
  4. Definitely post some pics. :yes: That will help us help you.