Question about timeless clutch......

  1. The frame closure on one side seems "springy" to me, like it doesn't close all the way. Anyone else's like this? I'm trying to decide if I need to exchange it!
  2. I'm afraid they are all like that, some worse than others. I exchanged many times and finally settled on one that is least noticeable.
  3. Yeah, Chanel quality control at its finest!:rolleyes:
  4. weird, I haven't heard or seen that personally.
    Mine is fine, didn't realize there's some issues.
  5. There's another thread that shows the poster's clutch and the closure isn't even a snug fit. I didn't realize that many of the clutches have closure problems.
  6. Mine doesn't have this problem. I would return it until they could find one that works.
  7. maybe I'm being anal but for the amount of money I spent, I expect it to be perfect, I'm going to exchange it. Thanks ladies.
  8. I dont blame you ela, I have had 2 timeless, and both closed perfectly :smile:
  9. i agree that the best thing to do is to exchange it. for the amount of $$ spent on the clutch, you'd want to get one that's perfect. i bought one for my mother earlier this year and the closure snap doesn't have any problems.
    hope you find the perfect one for you
  10. Not only did I get attitude from the SA at Neimans for expecting perfection but some of the other clutches were worse than the one I started with! I did also notice that some of the leathers looked much darker than the others. The frame closure gaped on one so badly you could see the tissue inside.

    The whole thing has left me slighty annoyed and tempted to just return.

    I realize this is a lower end Chanel, but it's still Chanel and very expensive. I don't think I'm wrong to expect it to be perfect before I use it!
  11. don't accept such low standards, that SA is just a cow, ignore it, return it so he/she does not get the commission!
  12. yeah I agree with Jayne please take that back whether you pay $1 or $10000 for something you should never have to accept poor quality- esp. from Chanel!
  13. I had a problem with the clasp on my clutch too. I had to actually lift the clasp in order for it to close properly. It didn't seem right so I went ahead and exchanged it for the right one. You should definitely exchange/return that. If you're not happy about it now, you're not going to like it as much in the future.
  14. You got attitude? That's terrible! :tdown:

    I'm starting to wonder what is wrong with the quality control of the Timeless Clutch, or where they are made, since so many people have the same problem with the clasp.

    If you can't find a perfect one, then just return it and get your money back.
  15. I don't have problem with mine, you should exchange for a good one....with that kind of price tag.