Question about Tiffany's silver...

  1. Hey guys!! I tried doing a search for this but couldn't find anything specific.

    I've been meaning to buy a pair of earrings from Tiffany's. When I was younger, my mum would always have me wear gold earrings (which I don't really like the loof of now), because my ears are very sensitive and would react to cheap materials.

    I really like Tiffany's styles, especially a pair I saw made of sterling silver. Do you guys know if this will make my ears react? Should I pick another material? What's your experience in this, if any?

    Mods, please feel free to redirect/close this thread if there's another one already. Any comments greatly appreciated!
  2. i would b shocked if they caused any reaction as .925 sterling is v good quality and means there is not a lot of nickel in it.
  3. My ears are also very sensitive. I can wear Tiffany earrings but the only problem is that my ear turns a blackish color where the earring was. This happens to me with any metal I wear except Platinum.
  4. Thanks gabz, it's good to know!

    ChiChi143: Do they itch/scale/get a scab besides turning black? I'm most concerned about having a horrid itch all day long. :sweatdrop:
  5. No itching for me! The black color is the only problem I've had.
  6. I have 2 pairs of tiffany sterling silver earrings. One pair, elongated elsa peretti teardrops, burn my ears a little every time I put them on. After a few minutes it goes away. Then I'm left with slight black marks after I take them off. The earrings are a one piece design that you thread through the ear piercing. Don't know why they do this. My other earrings are the return to tiffany heart tag earrings and they never bother me. I love the teardrop earrings so much, I put up with it anyway. I have very sensitive ears so I guess they'll always be that way.
  7. Unfortunately, I don't think you will know how you are going to react to the silver until you try them on. I had severe silver reactions until I turned 23. Then it suddenly went away (yay!).
    I would probably pick up some sterling silver earrings from Wal-mart to try. You will know immediately if you are having a reaction; if you react to it, you will probably react to any silver, even Tiffany's.
    Another option might be white gold. Tiffany's carries 18k white and yellow gold.
  8. I cannot wear any silver earrings or necklaces. :sad: 925 is still not good enough for my ears & they start to get red/raw if i wear it for more than a day. :sad: What a bummer. White gold is pretty bad for my sensitivity as well. Yellow gold is the only thing that seems to work.
  9. I love tiffany's silver! I don't have any problems with it... but I do notice that I have sensitivity to other branded "925" sterling silver...

    I don't think Tiffany uses nickel in their sterling alloy but I'm not 100% certain about that...does anyone else know? I have sensitivity to nickel...which is sometimes present in sterling jewelry, and when I react to sterling, it's usually a sign there's nickel in the alloy.
  10. You know what, Tiffany's silver is 925, so why don't you buy a cheap pair of 925 silver earrings and see if you'd react. I can't see how Tiffany's silver would be different than other 925.
  11. I also have really sensative skin and can only wear "real" metals. That being said, I haven't had any problems with any of my Tiffany's jewelry (knock on wood).
  12. That's the thing.... the 925 means the item is 92.5% pure silver, and 7.5% other type of metal... usually copper, and sometimes nickel, or both!....and now I've heard some makers even do a silver/platinum alloy!

    Anyway...not all sterling uses nickel in that 7.5%, and if there's no nickel, I'm fine. If there is nickel present, my lobes get all red & swollen. :tdown: I think the cheap stuff is more likely to have nickel present, but not always... I've picked up bunches of sterling earrings at Ross that I love & have no trouble with...just lucky, I guess!
  13. I have the return to tiffany round tag earrings. I have never had any problems with them and I wear them 24/7
  14. so THAT's what '925' stands for!!! LOL I saw it on my necklace and thought it was like the "Tiffany's Signature Number" or something odd like that....silly me...

    oh the things I learn from PF. :roflmfao::sweatdrop: