Question about Tiffany's purse pen

  1. I finally broke down and got one because I am sick of digging around for a pen when I need to write something in my agenda. It's so cute! BUT...where the heck do I get refills for it? I couldn't find a listing for them on Tiffany's website. I guess I could just go to Office Depot or whatever and try to find something that will fit, but I am hoping y'all will have some more specific info? TIA!
  2. I don't have an answer, but I've been wanting a Tiffany purse pen as well! Which one did you get? I want the Tiffany blue one. It's soo pretty!
  3. Congrats on your new Tiffany purse pen!!! Post pics when you have time!

    I think you can just get ink refills at any store (Office Depot, Target, etc.). But, why don't you call directly to Tiffanys and ask them for their suggestion on refills? I don't think the ink refills are anything special, so you should probably just get them at a stationery store.
  4. im pretty sure if you take it in, Tiff will refill it for you! :smile: But dont worry the ink lasts for a LONG time...well at least a while lol...ive had mine since may and works just perfectly :smile:
  5. Thanks, everyone! I think peace43's suggestion is the easiest---don't even know where the nearest Tiffany's is.

    ****imate: I got the Tiffany blue one with the gold accents. there is another blue one with silver, I think it's some sort of special edition pen, but the gold matches the koala clasp on my agenda.
  6. My local tiffanys will just replace the ink - but it is just a couple of minutes drive from my house - any standard ink cartriage will fit - but I would take the old one with you when you go to your office supply store.

    I've used the pen over the last year, and still haven't need to replace a cartriage
  7. I tried many local office supply stores and found nothing even close - I brought both pen and refill with me -- it turns out you have to get them from Tif's direct.

  8. UPDATE -- I called Tif's and they sell a 10 pack of purse pen refills for just $5.00 with a $1.69 for shipping and tax...marvelous!

  9. I'm in the same boat.
  10. How much do they cost on average?
  11. Thanks that's awesome. Hopefully my Tiffanys will do the same.