Question about Tiffany's open heart earrings

  1. I have the small open heart pendant and just bought the open heart earrings from eBay. The seller said these were a gift from a few years ago, and I do know that Tiffany's used to make the earrings in a larger size than the mini that is available now. I'm trying to figure out which size I have (they're bigger than I imagined). The earrings measure just over 1/2" at its widest part... can someone who has the mini size also measure and let me know? I went to Tiffany's website, but there's no info on sizing. TIA!
  2. I have those earrings. I don't have a measure tape so I don't know. But I do think mine are about 1/2" at the widest part.
  3. I am wearing my mini's today! They are about a 1/4". I hope this helps!
  4. ^ Thanks, Grace! So it seems like I have the larger size... hmmm, I think I might prefer the mini size, actually!
  5. I think the mini is a very good size. I just bought a pair for myself today!
  6. ^ Good to know! I have the open heart small necklace, and the earrings are the same size as the necklace. I think it would look better if the earrings were smaller than the necklace. So, I can either get the mini earrings, or get a bigger size necklace. :p
  7. I have the small open heart, the minis are a lot smaller than my pendant. Don't know if you've seen the 5 heart bracelet, but the minis are the same size as the hearts on the bracelet.