Question about Tiffany's Necklace

  1. Hi all, I have a quick question about a necklace I received from Tiffany's recently as a gift. I really like the necklace, here's the link:

    It is super small and delicate, so delicate that I really would like matching earrings to wear with it to highlight it a bit more. Have you seen matching earrings in sterling silver for this necklace? I found some in pink, but not in boring old silver:

    Is anyone aware if these come in silver? I'd just like to know - if I can't find earrings like this in silver, I'm thinking of exchanging the necklace for something a bit bigger (I've already spoken to the giver - no offense will be taken).
  2. i feel like i've seen matching earrings in silver. But don't take my word on it! good luck!
  3. Thanks! I feel like I have too...hmm...I would appreciate it if someone could confirm :smile:
  4. I have the latest catalog at fiance's house. I can check it and post asap.
  5. I would give Tiffany's a call. When I picked out a ring last year I did some pre-shopping online and was surprised at how much more variety the store had.
  6. The catalog has the earrings that you posted, but no silver ones exactly like that. There are some silver stud earrings that match the necklace; they have a small diamond where the hole is in the necklace for $395.
  7. I know I have seen the sterling w/ diamonds, probably if you visit a Tiffany's store they will have plain sterling. I believe the EP Round necklaces come in two sizes, so there might be a larger necklace? Not sure of that, though. I love that line, especially the lapis pendant, soo gorgeous.
  8. twist knot earrings would be nice :smile: round and round! of course they would complement each other