Question about Tiffany Keychain

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  1. Hi all! Is the Return to Tiffany screwball keychain (with the registration number) registered in your name if you buy it directly from Tiffany? Or is it just ornamental now?

    I love all your collections and am just starting my Tiffany collection. I'm going to be purchasing the mini heart lock bracelet, a RTT heart and a keychain. I collect hearts in gold, platinum and silver and enjoy wearing mixed metals.
  2. I got the keychain as a b-day gift with no registration papers. I'd be curious to know, too.
    Watch the little screwball...mine came loose and I lost it.
  3. After a bit of searching, looks like they are no longer registered. Thanks for the info on the screwball. I was wondering how that would hold up. I think I'll get the other heart keychain without the screwball ends.
  4. Mine is still registered to me, but Im the only owner.
  5. skyqueen, I called Tiffany Customer Service today to verify. FYI, as of June 2012, they no longer issue registration cards to register the RTT screwball keychain in your name. That's too bad because I thought it was such a cool concept (which originated in 1969).
  6. Oh boo! I got mine from an estate sale and was hoping I could update the registration. Now I guess I'll just hope that if my keys are found they get returned to our local store.
  7. Thanks for the info, Tammy!
    I got mine a couple years may be registered to my GF as she bought it for me.
    I should ask her. My car key was $350 to replace a few years ago. UGH!