Question about Tiffany and Co chainlink bracelet size

  1. I have been lusting after a tiffany and co silver bracelet for a while. I have been searching for a good picture of it on someone! Here is my problem... my wrists are ridiculously small. I am worried that the round link motif would look too large for me. I would have to get it sized down to 6 inches to give you some idea of my wrist size. The bracelet style I'm looking at is what they call the "medium round link" which is what they usually attach most of the charms to etc. I am wondering if anyone could post pictures of them wearing their tiffany and co bracelet, especially someone with small wrists. I'd be ordering it online if at all so this is why I need the input. Thanks so much.
  2. I'll get to it when I'm back with my jewelry (it's at school)... I have really really small wrists as well.
  3. I have very small wrists too, and I have the same bracelet. I think it looks cute, although I did have to get several links removed. I will try to post a pic tonight if I get a chance.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Sorry for the bad pics!!! It's actually really hard to take a picture of your own wrist without putting it flat on a table!!

    I have a 6 inch wrist. Thats the classic heart tag bracelet. In the first picture I have the bracelet on the 4th link in. And then in the other 3 its on the 3rd link. I am meaning to go to the Tiffany store to remove the links, but I haven't gotten to it yet.
  6. It looks very pretty! Thanks for the pictures luvhautecouture : ) I would love to see someone elses pictures too if possible.