Question about those little locks&keys

  1. I have purchased LV items that appear that they should and can carry an LV lock (and key) with the bag.

    Are lock-ready bags a signature of LV?

    The only item that ever came with a lock was the Pegase60 suitcase (actually there were 2 inside the bag, I wonder if that was a mistake).

    Anyway, I purchased the Sac Bosphore to travel atop the Pegase, and it had no lock. I think the locks come with Speedys?

    Anyone know the scoop on locks?
  2. From my knowlege, locks come with:
    -most luggage peices
  3. I don't think it has anywhere you could use a lock on it (sac bosphore) but there is quite a few bags that comewith lock including the speedy
  4. My Ellipse is able to be locked and came with a lock, but my keepall didn't so I had to go back in to ask for one.
    All my Speedys have though, with the exception of the MCs since they have the keys in the clochette and the lock built into the bag.