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  1. Hey ladies! I actually have two questions about the Sasha satchel listed on Endless (I tried to link it but the link was insane). It says "Sasha Satchel" - is that the Sasha duffel? The pictures look like it, but I'd like to be sure. Also, can anyone tell from the dimensions if it's the medium or large size? The listing doesn't say.

    Last Q, if anyone has bought one recently, the hardware in the picture is silver but I had a problem with that before - I bought a Logan satchel online that was pictured with silver hardware, but the one I received had goldtone. Monica later explained that some websites display the prototype pictures and sometimes the hardware color is different, so I want to be sure of what I'm getting before I buy.

  2. The reg. price is the reg. price of the medium but the dimensions are for the large Sasha Duffle and yes, the pic is of a Sasha Duffle.

    I don't know about the hw.
  3. Hi! Yes, this is the Sasha Duffle. It is a convertible bag so you can tuck the strap under and carry as a satchel instead of a hobo/duffle. It looks to be the medium size.

    The hardware looks silver on the website and the newer ones are silver. This bag was also produced before with gold hardware. You should be okay on that. If it is gold just send it back, free but I think from the pics you will get the silver.

    I cannot recommend this bag highly enough. I had the version with gold HW and when it came out in silver I sold the gold and bought that one. I have used the sasha more than any other handbag and I just love it! I carried my gold hw version for almost a year straight without changing bags and it totally looked new when I sold it.

    Good luck!
  4. Thanks for the replies!! I've been eyeing this bag for ages, and now that I have a baby I'm even more inclined to get it because I think it'll fit all the stuff I need to carry around without looking frumpy. Looks like it'll make a nice work bag, too.

    So the new ones are silver? Great! Thanks!
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    I finally made peace with my Botkier Sasha (I think).

    The med blk sasha was my first Botkier bag. The sasha had been around for awhile and I always wanted one but not a one in sight even though The Bay carries Botkier bags. Then one day, I snatched her up.

    My preference is always to carry dble top handle in the crook of my arm or briefcase like but I LOVE the way this bag looks as a hobo and it's very easy to grab with short single hobo handle; so no worries right?

    Not for me so that's why my sasha was left hanging on a hook for almost 2 years while I carried other bags. Mint condition though but the bag is still "stiff" from being a virtually brand new bag.

    I just found the convertible hobo strap to be SO darn short that I couldn't get it under & around my bag in a "nice" I struggled to shape the rest of the bag to get it right. I had a feeling, it would hang right with use as in soften up. Don't get me wrong, the leather IS very soft & nice (thick but overall this bag is not limp). It just looks limp & stretched out with all the online celeb pics, kwim?

    Today I decided to figure this out once & for all (because my New Years resolution is to shop inside my own closet & USE my existing handbags). Basically, whenever I get the strap to wrap under the bag, my bag looks like a ball and not a nice satchel at all :nogood: but today...finally...success...this is acceptable and will soften up with use. If you look at stock pics, the sasha looks more EW even with hobo strap wrapped under. Mine is more box like but better than before (a ball).

    my sasha 1.jpg
    my sasha 2.JPG
    my sasha 3.jpg

    Botkier sasha 1.jpg
    Botkier sasha 2.jpg